Alert level definitions


Be Aware, Practice Usual Precautions

  • Routine planned events or travel disruption issues
  • No significant changes to medical or travel risk environment
  • Limited risk 

Medical Examples

  • Dengue in a country where it is usually present
  • Seasonal flu spikes
  • Measles outbreaks
  • Cholera in a country where it is usually present

Security Examples

  • Planned protest that is likely to cause incidental risk to bystanders and minor travel disruption
  • Ground transport strike that may limit suitable alternative options 
  • Air travel disruption


Be Prepared, Take Additional Precautions

  • Major developments or issues requiring additional readiness
  • Events causing significant travel disruption or increased medical or travel risk 

Medical Examples

  • Outbreak  of a disease in a country where it is not usually present
  • Severe air pollution in an area that does not usually experience high levels of pollution
  • Extra precautions recommended E.g Pregnant women avoid travel to area with Zika
  • Severe disease e.g. viral haemorrhagic fever, meningitis

Security Examples

  • Planned or ongoing protests that are likely to cause significant risks to bystanders or major travel disruption
  • Violent crime incidents affecting foreigners
  • Security incidents such as bombings or attacks in locations where such incidents occur regularly 


Act Now, Take immediate precautions or change travel plans

  • Significant unexpected development or major issue causing substantial change to medical or travel risk environment

Medical Examples

  • Major natural disasters such as earthquakes or cyclones
  • Shortage of food, safe water
  • Essential services overwhelmed
  • Chemical spills

Security Examples

  • Terror attacks such as bombings in major cities
  • Major airport closures or transport incidents resulting in many fatalities
  • Major natural disasters such as earthquakes or severe tropical storms


Prepare your staff for possible evacuation

  • Substantial developments leading to major changes in the travel risk environment that necessitate preparation for evacuation.


  • Escalating civil conflict in Yemen
  • Significant reduction in outbound travel options
  • Nuclear incident