INTERNATIONAL SOS | essential partner for business success 

International SOS has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 2015. Our team has significant experience in Saudi Arabia and maintains an updated network of assistance resources supporting our members in the event of a medical or security incident.

To assist our members, we maintain a large network of credentialed providers within Saudi Arabia, including medical facilities, security professionals, and travel and logistics providers. 

Saudi Arabia

Our resources in Saudi Arabia include:

  • A branch office based in Khobar.
  • The newly renovated Burj Al Shifa Medical Complex in Dammam, accredited by Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, in collaboration with our joint venture partner Al Rushaid Group.
  • 70+ medical staff working across at Burj Al Shifa Medical Complex and remote site projects

International SOS Medical Services can provide local and international qualified medical and security professionals to your site. We can also train your staff in emergency response, take care of supply chain solutions to ensure you have adequate supplies to respond to day-to-day and emergency incidents and help you develop robust emergency response plans. 


Our medical consulting services provide access to leaders in subjects such as occupational health programmes and public health initiatives, all which support employers in meeting their Duty of Care obligations to employees and obligations to local communities. We support medical evacuations through a global network of air ambulance providers.